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About/Order information

About/Order information

This store is run solely by me (Gaia), and all sales go to supporting my art and my livelihood!
Most of my profits after my living expenses goes directly into costuming, makeup, studio and photography gear, props, and travel costs! Right now I am investing most of my profits into building out my at home creative studio so I can start photographing and styling other models. This includes stocking costumes, wigs, accessories, studio gear, and props.
Every sale on here makes the next step of my career and dreams possible, and it means everything to me.
Print Orders
Any non apparel items such as prints, posters, stickers, etc ships directly from my home! I hand sign these orders and package them with care before sending them out to you. If you place an order for both print *and* apparel items, expect them to arrive in separate packages.
Apparel items
My apparel items (t shirts, tank tops, and hoodies) are fulfilled by a print company based in California, Las Vegas, and Kentucky that fulfills all clothing orders on my store. This means that once you place an order for an apparel item, they receive the order, process it, print it, and ship it directly to you. Their shipping policy is: "Your order will normally ship within two business days of being created. We use OSM for our shipping service which hands off to USPS in most cases. Packages usually reach their destination within three to five business days. International shipping timeframes vary, as customs is out of our control."
My non apparel items (stickers, prints, posters, cards, polaroids) are still shipped directly by me, so that I can continue to hand sign print orders for you guys! I ship orders twice a week, and most U.S. customers typically receive their orders within 2-5 business days after shipping. International orders vary because of customs, but generally* arrive within 5-12 days.
If you check out with non apparel items AND apparel items, expect two different packages! One will be shipping from the Print Partners warehouse, and one will be shipping from me. So do not be alarmed when you receive 2 packages at different times.
Ethical Brands only
I carefully selected the brands below to print with because of their progressive stance on ethics involving production. You can rest assured that all of the apparel purchased on my store is not a result of sweatshops or illegal child labor. These brands are certified to not work in sweatshops, or discriminate against their employees based on gender or ethnicity. Their products do cost a bit more than the cheaper, standard brands such as Gildan, but are being made with solid moral foundation.

Humans rights > Money

Sizing information:

My UNISEX t shirts are printed on Bella + Canvas, sizing ranging from XS-4XL. Here is the size chart if you have questions about measurements.
My WOMEN'S t shirts are printed on Bella + Canvas, sizes ranging from S-2XL. Here is the size chart if you have questions about measurements.
My WOMEN's flow racerback tank tops are printed on Bella + Canvas, in women's sizing ranging from S-2XL. Here is the size chart if you have questions about measurements.
My hoodies are printed on Independent Trading Co., Men's sizing ranging from XS-3XL. Here is the size chart if you have questions about measurements.
My unisex long sleeve shirts are printed on Bella + Canvas, in unisex sizes ranging from XS-2XL. Here is the size chart if you have questions about measurements.
A note about sizing + price variations:
You may have noticed that there is a slight price increase on products on sizes 2XL-4XL. This is something I wish I could avoid, but the cost of supplying and printing on those sizes is more expensive, so the price increase reflects that. I have not marked those items up to make any additional profit, just to break even with the increase of cost from the supplier.
Washing/Care Instructions for apparel items:
For the apparel items that are printed on black fabric, be sure to use care when washing to avoid premature fading. What I suggest doing is always turning your items inside out before washing, wash with like colors (so with other black items) on COLD water. I personally hang most of my clothing items to dry, or lay on a drying rack so they can avoid heat/shrinking. If you want to use a dryer, make sure to keep the items inside out and put on the LOWEST heat setting, though I strongly suggest letting them air dry instead.
It is normal for the ink on your items to feel tacky/slightly sticky when you first receive it. This will only last until you wash it for the first time.
If you receive a defective or misprinted item:
This is not something I anticipate to happen, however, if you receive an apparel item that is misprinted, or there is an issue with the color after first wash, please email with your order number, and photos showing the issue. The print company will then reprint and ship you a new item. This only applies to printing issues, not sizing issues.